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Comparative Cognition Society Research Award

The CCS Research Award honors scientists who have made major contributions to our understanding of animal cognition during their career.  Recipients of the award give a Master Lecture at the Conference on Comparative Cognition and are honored at the conference banquet. Videos of most Master Lectures are provided on the CCS YouTube Channel

2002 — Stewart Hulse (Johns Hopkins University)

2004 — Donald Blough (Brown University)

2005 — William Roberts (University of Western Ontario)

2006 — Russell Church (Brown University)

2007 — Ron Weisman (Queen's University)

2008 — Sara Shettleworth (University of Toronto)

2009 — Herbert Terrace (Columbia University)

2010 — Donald A. Riley (University of California, Berkeley)

2011 — Alex Kacelnik (University of Oxford)

2012 — Anthony Wright (University of Texas Medical School at Houston)

2013 — Alan C. Kamil (University of Nebraska - Lincoln)

2014 — Thomas Zentall (University of Kentucky)

2015 — Edward Wasserman (University of Iowa)

2016 — Karen Hollis (Mount Holyoke University)

2017 — Ralph R. Miller (Binghamton University - SUNY)

2018 — Marcia Spetch (University of Alberta)

2019 — Stephen E.G. Lea (University of Exeter)