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Special Issues of Learning & Behavior

CCS sponsors special issues of Learning & Behavior. Each of these special issues contains articles based on presentations given at the Conference on Comparative Cognition in honor of a CCS Research Award winner and additional articles invited by the guest editor. CCS thanks the Psychonomic Society, Springer, and Learning & Behavior editor Jonathon Crystal for their support in producing these special issues.

Special Issue in Honor of Sally Boysen
Learning & Behavior (2023), Volume 51, Issue 1 March 2023
Guest Editor: Suzanne E. MacDonald

Previous Special Issues

Special Issue in Honor of David Sherry
Learning & Behavior (2022), Volume 50, Issue 1 March 2022
Guest Editors: Robert R. Hampton and Scott A. MacDougall-Shackleton

Special Issue in Honor of Irene Pepperberg
Learning & Behavior (2021), Volume 49, Issue 1 March 2021
Guest Editors: Debbie M. Kelly and Lauren M. Guillette

Special Issue in Honor of Stephen E.G. Lea
Learning & Behavior (2020), Volume 48, Issue 1 March 2020
Guest Editors: Anna Wilkinson and Lisa Leaver