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Comparative Cognition Society 2022 Membership List

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A - F

Kristin Andrews
York University

Michael Beran
Georgia State University

Kate Bruce
UNC Wilmington

Gordon Burghardt
University of Tennessee

Jenna Congdon
University of Alberta

Robert Cook
Tufts University

Jonathon Crystal
Indiana University

Andrew Delamater
Brooklyn College - CUNY

Stephen Fountain
Kent State University

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G - L

Regina Gazes
Bucknell University

Alan Gelperin
Princeton University

Brett Gibson
University of New Hampshire

Robert Hampton
Emory University

Heidi Harley
New College of Florida

Yseult Héjja-Brichard
University of Toulouse

Marisa Hoeschele
Austrian Academy of Sciences

Jenny Jellison
Waynesburg University

Jeffrey Katz
Auburn University

Rebecca Luenser
University of South Alabama

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M - R

Tammy McKenzie
Brandon University

Ralph Miller
State University of New York at Binghamton

Kathleen Morgan
Wheaton College. Norton MA

Mary Olmstead
Queen's University

Leslie Phillmore
Dalhousie University

Anthony ROIG
Research Centre on Psychological Functioning and Dysfunction

Victoria Templer
Providence College

Tomokazu Ushitani
Chiba University

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