Fall Meeting of the Comparative Cognition Society
Student Travel Fellowships

Supported by Elsevier

CCS is pleased to announce that two Student Travel Fellowships ($400 each)
will be awarded for the November 2018 meeting


Application Procedure:
  1. Current graduate students who are authors or co-authors and will present the work at the Fall Meeting of the Comparative Cognition Society are eligible to apply.

  2. Submit the presentation via the standard procedure by the stated submission deadline.

  3. Submit a long abstract BY JUNE 15.  The long abstract should describe the goals, logic, methods, results and conclusions of the study.  There are no particular format requirements but we expect the long abstracts will typically be about 3 pages longs plus at least one data figure or table.   It must be clear from the long abstract that the empirical results of the study have been collected before the abstract was submitted.  The long abstract must be submitted by June 15 to olga.lazareva@drake.edu

  4. The student's research mentor must send an email to olga.lazareva@drake.edu confirming that the applicant is a graduate student in good standing and that the empirical data on which the submission is based have been collected.  Evaluative information about the applicant or the project is not necessary.  Please provide this email by June 19.

Award Criteria:
  1. General Scientifc Merit

  2. Innovation/novelty of experimental hypotheses or methods

  3. Clarity of the presention in the long abstract

  4. Potential of work for eliciting future research

  5. Soundness of conclusionos, given results

These procedures and criteria are based on those developed for the Ron Weisman Student Awards.

We will do our best to inform applicants of the outcome by mid-July.

Questions about the Student Travel Fellowships should be directed to  olga.lazareva@drake.edu.

Fall Conference Program Committee: Olga Lazareva (Chair), Michael Brown, Kenneth Leising,  Noam Millier, Bradley Sturz.
Questions to: michael.brown@villanova.edu