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Special Issues of Behavioural Processes

CCS sponsors special issues of Behavioural Processes. Each of these special issues contains articles based on presentations given at the Conference on Comparative Cognition in honor of a CCS Research Award winner and additional articles invited by the guest editor. CCS thanks Elsevier Publishing and Behavioural Processes editors Clive Wynne and Olga Lazareva for their support in producing these special issues.

Special Issue in Honor of Ralph Miller
Behavioural Processes (2018), Volume 154, Sept 2018
Guest Editor:  Aaron P. Blaisdell

A Tribute to Karen Hollis
Behavioural Processes (2017), Volume 139, June 2017
Guest Editor:  Lauren Guillette


A Tribute to Ed Wasserman
Behavioural Processes (2016), Volume 123, February 2016
Guest Editors: Olga Lazareva and Kimberly Kirkpatrick


A Tribute to Thomas Zentall
Behavioural Processes (2015), Volume 112, March 2015
Guest Editor: Michael F. Brown


A Synthetic Approach to Comparative Cognition: A Tribute to the Contributions of Alan C. Kamil
Behavioural Processes (2014), Volume 101, Feb 2014
Guest Editors: Debbie M. Kelly and Ken Cheng


Functional Relationships: A Tribute to the Contributions of Anthony A. Wright
Behavioural Processes (2013), Volume 93, Issue 1, Feb 2013
Guest Editors: Jeffrey S. Katz and Jonathon D. Crystal


Comparative cognition: Function and Mechanism in Lab and Field: A Tribute to the Contributions of Alex Kacelnik
Behavioural Processes (2012), Volume 89, Issue 2, Feb 2012
Guest Editors: Sara Shettleworth and Marco Vasconcelos


Comparative Cognition - A tribute to the contributions of Donald A. Riley
Behavioural Processes (2010), Volume 85, Issue 3, October 2010
Guest Editor: Thomas R. Zentall


Thought without language: A tribute to the contributions of H.S. Terrace
Behavioural Processes (2010), Volume 83, Issue 2, February 2010
Guest Editor: Elizabeth Brannon


Comparative Cognition in Context: A Tribute to the Contributions of Sara J. Shettleworth
Behavioural Processes (2009), Volume 78, Issue 3, March 2009
Guest Editor: Karen L. Hollis


Information about this Special Issue

Thinking Outside the Box: A Tribute to the Contributions of Ronald G. Weisman
Behavioural Processes (2008), Volume 77, Issue 2, February 2008
Guest Editor: Christopher B. Sturdy

The Psychology of Time: A Tribute to the Contributions of Russell M. Church
Behavioural Processes (2007), Volume 74, Issue 2, February 2007
Guest Editor: Jonathon D. Crystal

Comparative Cognition: A Tribute to the Contributions of William A. Roberts
Behavioural Processes (2006), Volume 72, Issue 2, May 2006
Guest Editor: Thomas R. Zentall

Stimulus Control in Animals: A Tribute to the Contributions of Donald S. Blough
Behavioural Processes (2005), Volume 69, Issue 1, April 2005
Guest Editor: Robert G. Cook